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As a seasoned data analyst with a specialization in data science, I offer expertise in developing cutting-edge solutions for website security and plant health management. My recent projects include the creation of a robust phishing detection model for websites, capable of swiftly identifying and thwarting phishing attacks, and a machine learning-based system for plant leaf disease identification, aiding in early detection and effective management of plant diseases. With proficiency in data preprocessing and applying advanced machine learning algorithms, I deliver tailored solutions to address diverse challenges in these domains.

Portfolio Projects:

  1. Website Phishing Detection Model:

    • Developed a sophisticated machine learning model to detect phishing attacks on websites.
    • Utilized extensive data preprocessing techniques to enhance model accuracy.
    • Implemented feature engineering and selection strategies to optimize performance.
    • Achieved high precision and recall rates in identifying phishing attempts, contributing to enhanced cybersecurity measures.
  2. Plant Leaf Disease Identification System:

    • Designed and deployed a machine learning-based solution for automated detection of plant leaf diseases.
    • Conducted comprehensive data preprocessing to ensure quality input for the model.
    • Employed various classification algorithms to accurately identify plant diseases based on leaf images.
    • Facilitated early diagnosis and effective management of plant health issues, promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

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